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Introducing iDoceo Teacher’s Assistant for data & resource management in PE

iDoceo, together with G-Suite and Office


In the teaching and learning of Physical Education (PE), teachers are constantly looking at different methods to 

  • capture and assess students’ learning,
  • consolidate different teaching resources and,
  • synthesise data from multiple resources.  

We now have the technology to capture information of student progression towards reaching their learning goals. One such technology is the use of the ‘iDoceo Teacher’s Assistant’ application. Together with other platforms such as Google Suite and Windows Office, it can be part of a comprehensive structure in the following areas:

Lesson Planning

Plan lesson activities according to lesson objectives and success criteria in the Planner and Class Diary.  Resources such as photo/video and hyperlinks can be inserted to aid in the delivery of the lesson objectives.


Tracking of Students’ Progress and Assessment Processes

Using Gradebook, students’ progress can be tracked and monitored by inserting photos/videos and other comments to specific students’ cell. A rubric can also be created to assess students’ progress and documented for future reference.


  • Management of media, data and other resources – documents, photos, videos can be downloaded to iDoceo as teaching resources. 
  • With Pin Board, hyperlinks to online resources can be managed and categorised to support the different areas of learning e.g. Gym (Group Balances), Differentiated Instructions for Games, etc.


In Palm View Primary School, PE teachers have been using iDoceo in tandem with other applications such as:

  • Development of Microsoft Office Excel templates, according to our needs to support data management in assessment; 

PAM Rubrics Overview

Class Progress Assessment

  • Consolidation, organisation and recommendation of PE digital resources (sourced from other apps, as well as online);
  • Enhancement of teaching and learning in PE through the use of technology, utilising camera and video-based apps as well as other animation-based apps.

Formative assessment data in PE can be seamlessly captured, stored and shared with various other platforms for the purposes of reporting PE learning outcomes using iDoceo.

The Following Examples Illustrate How iDoceo Can Be Used for Data and Resource Management in PE: 

Example 1

During PE lessons, PE teachers will have all the available teaching and learning resources at their disposal for reviewing of the skills taught and those to be taught. These include audio, video and print resources that could be easily projected onto a portable display device such as a portable TV for students to review together. Immediate feedback in the form of video analysis of students’ performance taken during formative assessment in class, can be easily shown to selected students or the class with information to improve or correct their physical performance and understanding of the skills required. 

Students’ execution of skills captured and analysed

Example 2

In a typical PE lesson, iDoceo is used for formative assessment purposes where the teacher records and tracks the progress of students’ performance in relation to the learning outcome of a skill, for example, throw and catch in the learning area of Games and Sports. The teachers use standards-based criteria to monitor the students’ progress. The data that is collated can then be easily transferred and utilised for the reporting of students’ learning outcomes. 

These are some examples of how our school has been using iDoceo to manage data and resources pertaining to teaching and learning and assessment.

A short video on the features of iDoceo.


  • The team recognises the potential of this app which can aid PE teachers in the planning, delivery, and monitoring of students’ learning and progression. We have embarked on using iDoceo in organising the Scheme of Work, utilising Rubrics and Grades to assess students’ progress and managing data and other digital resources. 
  • To ensure the consistent and pervasive use of iDoceo among PE teachers in the department, we are putting together work processes that are clear to aid in implementing and actualising our department plan.
  • Moving forward, we plan to trial a snapshot portfolio to capture individual student’s learning progress and to incorporate other platforms to gather data (photos/videos) to showcase students’ achievements. This will indeed be a challenging task, but as we continue on this journey, we look forward to optimising and effectively harnessing technology to improve teaching and learning.


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