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Off to lesson with our Physical Activity Booklets in tow!


For Lakeside Primary School’s PE Department’s Professional Learning Circle (PLC) project in Semester 2 of 2019, the team embarked on a project to design a booklet to consolidate the PE activity sheets done by students by levels. On previous editions of PLC, the team designed activity sheets to support their learning. These can be activity sheets, peer and self-checklists and task cards.


  • Activity sheets were going missing as they were all loose pieces previously
  • No PE File for filing of activity sheets
  • Prepared resources and activity sheets not fully utilised by PE teacher as it is cumbersome to bring them along for lessons
  • Easier for students to use during lesson time, filing and hole-punching not required
  • Students can bring the booklet home for their parents to have a look
  • In line with the school’s initiative of Making Thinking Visible (MTV) through thinking routines that can be used for PE lessons
  • Consolidation of students’ learning and making their thought processes on concepts and technique taught more visible than before with the checklists that are available 
  • Aids PE teacher in providing even more customised feedback for each student through the work shown in the booklet

What we did

  • Divided the team of six PE teachers into the blocks that they are teaching
  • Grouping the booklets into 3 blocks (Team Members); 
    • P1 and P2 (Mdm. Low Tan Hung and Mrs. Yeo May Hua)
    • P3 and P4 (Mr. Andy Chow and Mr. Chen Wenquan)
    • P5 and P6 (Mr. Roszaimy Roslan and Mr. Low Boon Siang)
  • Infusing MTV Routines / Thinking Models into our activity sheets (See-Think-Wonder, CSQ)
  • Use of self and peer checklists during lessons for pupils to consolidate their thinking, learning and understanding
  • Including and modifying Outdoor Education worksheets from PSOEB shared resources into the booklets for ease of use
  • PE teachers either adapted the current activity sheets and made improvements or come up with new resources for topics that they feel require an activity sheet to help the students in their learning
  • Prior to this, we have been using activity sheets to conduct certain topics of the SOW but they were not consolidated in a booklet form

What we started with (Beginning of Semester 2, 2019)

Level Topic
Primary 1 
(2 topics)
  • Gymnastics – Spatial Awareness (reflection)
  • Gymnastics – Balancing (reflection)
Primary 2
(2 topics)
  • Games & Sports – Underhand Toss (reflection)
  • Games & Sports – Striking (reflection)
Primary 3
(3 topics)
  • Games & Sports – Dribbling using the hands (peer)
  • Games & Sports – Dribbling using the feet (peer)
  • Gymnastics – Forward Roll (peer)
Primary 4
(3 topics)
  • Games & Sports – Dribble, Pass and Shoot with Implement (self)
  • Gymnastics – Sequence (self and peer)
  • Athletics – Running and Pacing (peer)
Primary 5
(1 topic)
  • Games & Sports – Serving an Object with an Implement (peer)
Primary 6
(2 topics)
  • Games & Sports – Defending Bases & Space (self)
  • Games & Sports – Invasion (Using and denying space) (rubrics)

What we have now (Middle of Semester 2, 2020)

Level Topic
Primary 1
(8 topics)
  • Gymnastics – Spatial Awareness (reflection)
  • Gymnastics – Balancing (reflection)
  • Games & Sports – Underhand Throw
  • Games & Sports – 2-handed Overhead Throw
  • Games & Sports – Catch with 2 Hands at Waist Level
  • Outdoor Education – Where did we Play Today?
  • Outdoor Education – How do we Stay Safe?
  • Outdoor Education – Look Out!
Primary 2
(11 topics)
  • Games & Sports – Dribbling with Dominant and Non-dominant Hand
  • Games & Sports – Dribbling a Ball using Inside of Foot with Dominant Leg
  • Games & Sports – Underhand Strike a Ball towards Wall
  • Games & Sports – 2-handed Side-arm Strike
  • Gymnastics – Forward Roll
  • Gymnastics – Prepare a Sequence
  • Outdoor Education – Weather Hazards
  • Outdoor Education – Features in a Pictorial Chart
  • Outdoor Education – Symbols on a Pictorial Chart
  • Outdoor Education – Be a Responsible User of the School
  • Outdoor Education – Exploring Our School using a Pictorial Chart
Primary 3
(7 topics)
  • Swimming – SwimSafer 2.0 Quiz Questions
  • Games & Sports – Volleyball Overhead Strike (Self-Checklist)
  • Games & Sports – Throwing of Frisbee (Self-Checklist)
  • Games & Sports – Shoot with proper follow through (Peer Checklist)
  • Outdoor Education – Pictorial Chart Reading
  • Gymnastics – Balances
  • Dance – Formation and Position
Primary 4
(5 topics)
  • Games & Sports – Floorball Skills (self)
  • NAPFA – Station Checklists & Target Setting
  • Athletics – Running Posture (Peer Checklist)
  • Athletics – Pacing (Peer Checklist)
  • Gymnastics – Sequence (self and peer)
Primary 5
(8 topics)
(Under Review)
  • Games & Sports (Net-barrier) – Badminton Court Lines
  • Games & Sports (Net-barrier) – Types of Badminton Shots
  • Games & Sports (Net-barrier) – Forehand Serve (Peer Checklist)
  • Games & Sports (Net-barrier) – Backhand Serve (Peer Checklist)
  • Outdoor Education – Planning a Route in my School
  • Outdoor Education – Planning for a 3D2N Residential Camp
  • Games & Sports (Territorial-invasion) – Games Concepts
  • Games & Sports (Territorial-invasion) – Peer Assessment
Primary 6
(8 topics)
(Under Review)
  • Gymnastics – Counter-tension and Counterbalances
  • Gymnastics – Gymnastics Sequence
  • Games & Sports (Striking and Fielding) – Striking and Fielding (CSQ Worksheet for Fielders)
  • Games & Sports (Striking and Fielding) – Defending Space and Bases
  • NAPFA – Target Setting and Recording Sheet
  • Outdoor Education – Reading Weather Forecast
  • Outdoor Education – Pictorial Guide of Nearby Park
  • Outdoor Education – Making a Pictorial Chart


Term and Week Tasks
Term 3 Week 4 (2019) Changes and amendments for the activity sheets to be made by teams
Term 3 Week 5 (2019) Primary 1 and Primary 2 activity sheets review
Term 3 Week 8 (2019) Primary 3 and Primary 4 activity sheets review
Term 3 Week 9 (2019) Primary 5 and Primary 6 activity sheets review
Term 4 Week 2 (2019) Formatting of documents to standardized version
Term 4 Week 4 (2019) Cross-vetting of documents
Term 4 Week 5 (2019) Park final copy of booklet into PLC Folder in PE Matters
Term 4 Week 8 (2019) Finalized copy of booklets for group vetting
Final changes to be addressed and made
Send out for printing to vendor
Term 4 Week 9 (2019) Group reflections
Preparation for InnoFest (School-level Sharing)
Last week of December (2019) Distribution of printed booklets to PE teachers by classes
Term 1 Week 2 (2020) Dissemination of booklets to students
Begin using the booklets for lessons

Final Product

Overview of the P5 and P6 Booklet (Version 2019)

We have attached a PDF copy of the P1 and P2 Physical Activity Booklet for your reference.

You can also view a copy of a standalone activity sheet; P3 Football Dribble (Peer Checklist)
and P4 Throwing a Frisbee (Self Checklist) that you can use to plan your next activity sheet around.


  • P1, P3 and P5 students received the full booklet with two-year’s worth of activity sheets and resources
  • P2, P4 and P6 students received the truncated booklet containing only activity sheets and resources for use in their level as they will be moving on to the next booklet the following year
  • Pegging the activity sheets to the SOW to remind PE teachers which topics require them to use the Activity Booklet
  • Feedback is gathered from the students on how the booklet can be further improved to help them in their learning
  • The team will look at the feedback and work on changes to be made as part of Department and Resources Review at the end of the year
  • Changes will then be shared with the rest of the PE teachers during Subject-based Sharing just before the start of the new school year

A P4 PE class using the booklet in the classroom

Mr. Chen Wenquan taking the children through an Outdoor Education lesson


What went well Challenges
  • We tapped on existing resources (current activity sheets that are already part of our department’s resources)
  • We also used the opportunity to align the activity sheets to the updated PE Syllabus 
  • Alignment to the new HDP Learning Outcomes for P1 and P2
  • More resources that can be used on SLS during HBL
  • Endless document reformatting, changing of document alignments and margins before settling on the final product
  • Having to reformat existing activity sheets can be tedious as texts and pictures may not align properly, we had to resort to working from scratch for some activity sheets
  • Brainstorming for new activity sheets that actually help our students in their learning for the selected topics
  • Marrying the available MTV routines to the topic and the activity sheet was a tall task in itself. We had to make many changes for the final product so that it makes sense to both the teacher and student.

Moving Forward

  • As mentioned, review of the resources to keep the booklet up to date as part of the Department and Resources Review annually
  • Following the review of the booklet, it will be included as part of the booklist for purchase in 2021 (currently part of Department’s budget as it is still in pilot)
  • Trying to include newer and more updated learning processes and thinking routines where possible into later editions of the booklet so that the team is kept abreast of new teaching and learning pedagogies that may help our students learn better
  • Making these resources available in standalone activity sheets so they can be easily uploaded to the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) as part of the PE Home-based Learning (HBL) package in 2021 if necessary since we are going digital


The Lakeside Primary School PE PLC Team
(Standing from left: Mdm Low Tan Hung, Mr Chen Wenquan, Mr Low Boon Siang, Mr Roszaimy Roslan; Seated from left: Mrs Yeo May Hua, Mr Andy Chow)


Should you have any further enquiries or questions on the Physical Activity Booklet, you may fill up this Google Form found on the link below:

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