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Poster for HS Sports Carnival


HS Sports Carnival is a signature whole-school programme of Hougang Secondary School (HS) that students and staff look forward to participate in. It is a platform which brings the students, staff and parents together to celebrate the HS spirit. It also presents a setting for students to demonstrate the school values of GRIT (Gratitude, Respect, Ingenuity, Trustworthiness, Grit) through being Problem Solvers, Tech Savvy Netizens, Socially Apt Person, Rooted Citizens and Lifelong Learners. It encourages everyone to be active through participation in sports and games. The HS Sports Carnival this year was radically different hence the title of this presentation, HS Sports Carnival 2.0.

This year’s HS Sports Carnival, scheduled on 28 February 2020, was to be held at the Sports Hub to mark the school’s 20th anniversary. Unfortunately, DORSCON level was raised from yellow to orange on 7 February 2020 and large group or communal activities in school were suspended. As a result, we could not proceed with the original plan and we have only a short lead time to decide whether to cancel or make changes to the original plan. 

Guided by the Design for Change FIDS model (Design Thinking Guide, n.d.), which is also HS’ Innovation Committee’s adopted model, HS PE Department challenged ourselves to make it happen as it will be a huge loss for students to miss out on the only large scale sporting programme in school which traditionally acts as a strong platform to build teacher-student relationship and student-student relationship. 

Please note that as the HS Sports Carnival was held in February 2020, the precautionary measures may be different from current safe management measures.

Key Highlights and Innovations in HS Sports Carnival

Competition Format 

Instead of gathering the whole school and having classes compete 4 events with each other physically like how we usually do, the department decided on decentralising the Sports Carnival where events were done at class level during PE lessons. Consideration of the events includes ensuring the events were exciting enough, judging was fair and the element of cooperation within the class, spirit of friendly inter-class competitions were not lost.

In this edition of HS Sports Carnival, students competed in 4 separate events. 

  1. 4-lley Ball – A collaborative game in which students try to keep the ball in the air with as many touches as possible. 
  2. HS 20 Trail – A fitness event in time trial format. 
  3. LifeRun – A running event in which the whole class will run as many rounds in 20 minutes as they could and their score is the average number of rounds.
  4. Class Cheer – The whole class will create and perform their class cheer, with added point for classes with Character Coaches’ (form teachers) participation. This event was judged by year heads and other teachers based on a rubric.

Dedicated Website for Event Update 

To forge the connectedness among the competing classes, the department set up a Google Site that featured daily score update. The event instructions and demonstration videos were also uploaded for greater accessibility as compared to just relying on live demonstration during lessons. Click here to assess the Site.

Screenshot from the Google Site, showing from left to right, a picture of the 4-lley ball game, gameplay video with instruction and a word document with detailed rules

Live streaming of Class Cheer Event, Opening and Prize Presentation Ceremonies 

Adding on to the energy and excitement of the HS Sports Carnival, the department collaborated with the ICT team to host the live streaming of the Opening Ceremony, Class Cheer event and the Prize Presentation Ceremony to every classroom. Test-runs and rehearsals were conducted to ensure seamless flow. 
Students watching livestream of class cheer competition while waiting for their turn to perform


Livestream of prize presentation ceremony


Video of HS Sports Carnival Opening Ceremony

Successes, Challenges and Future Considerations


It was a huge challenge for the department to react quickly to the precautionary measures and have a successful HS Sports Carnival. The resourcefulness and dedication of the PE department made it possible.

The team that made it happen, from left to right, Mr Elijah Chua, Mr Hadrian Chin, Mdm Lim Choon Ling (Year Head), Mr Sunny Ng (HOD PE/CCA), Ms Nurul Hakin, Mr Muhamad Hashim, Mr Tan Yen Hao.

Based on the feedback collected from students, the objectives of the HS Sports Carnival were met and equally important, the students and staff enjoyed the HS Sports Carnival experience. The class wide events, LifeRun and Class Cheer, were very good platforms to build student-student relationship and student-teacher relationship.

Feedback from 497 students in 6 points scale (6 being strongly agree, 1 being strongly disagree). The Mean Rating Index (MRI) is calculated by averaging the response for each feedback question.


The department successfully overcome the challenge of conducting the HS Sports Carnival without any intermingling between classes. The difficulty was magnified due to limited space and equipment for students to practise on the events and to conduct the actual run as we needed two weeks to complete all events during PE lessons instead of completing all event in one day like we usually do. Careful planning and coordination were required to ensure all classes have a fair share of practise time and they could finish all events in time.

Roster to ensure all classes have fair share of practise and their slots for actual run.

Future Considerations 

The safe management measures in school is evolving and what HS did in February 2020 may not be feasible now. However, there are many learning points here that could be adapted even to more stringent safe management measures as advised by PSOEB.

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Design Thinking Guide (n.d.) http://dtg.dfcworld.com