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Why E-Records?

  • Lesson planning tends to be quite overwhelming! We need to reference many different documents in order to consolidate the necessary information.
  • Most lesson recording systems are generic and tend to cater to the IP subjects.
  • E-records Book provides a more time-efficient and meaningful approach to lesson planning in Physical Education

Features of the E-record Book

How is Lesson Planning different with E-Records?

Without E-records With E-Records
Step 1 Open up the 2014 PE syllabus and scroll through the many pages to search for the topic you want to teach. Open the E-records Document on Google Drive
Step 2 Referencing the SEL and 21CC section to search for the affective domain you are focusing in this lesson Type in the classes from the same level doing the same lesson for the week
Step 3 Log in to lesson record system Scroll down the drop down menu to search for the “Lesson Objectives” you are covering and also the “SEL/21CC” you are focusing on. Type in the lesson description and any other misc. information
Step 4 Type in the lesson objectives, SEL/21CCs and also the lesson description etc and save once done.
Step 5 Find the other class on another time slot in which you will be teaching the same lesson to.
Step 6 Retype again….  


Let’s watch a video on how a teacher from HGP plans his lesson using the E-records Book!

How did E-records work well for us?

  • More time efficient! Based on our survey, what usually takes 1.5 hours can be reduced to as little as 30 minutes

E-records can be easily shared and viewed by colleagues

  • Strong Sharing Tool. Being on Google Drive allows us to tweak the sharing restrictions, allowing colleagues from the same department to look at your lesson plans to reference and learn or also to help and give comments etc.
  • Easy to use! E-records itself is a mini-version of the PE syllabus. Allow us to scroll and select lesson objectives, SELs and 21CCs and input them into our lesson plan. If the lesson is not in the syllabus, we can simply type it in the objectives ourselves.
  • Great Overview! The layout allows us to have an overview of not just the lesson to be taught over the week but also we can easily reference and look as a whole at the lesson progress you have made over the term!
  • Allow fellow colleagues to easy reference the lesson you have planned when relieving PE periods

Some limitations that we are still trying to rectify!

  • Further unpacking of the PE syllabus to allow more specific selection of lesson objectives
  • While Excel does the job for us, moving forward we would like to explore a more professional interface using software or iOS/Android App.

Try it out yourself!

Click here to gain access to our E-record book on Google Drive. Before you can edit and try out, you will need to:
(a) download the document or
(b) make a copy and save it in your own drive


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Contact us at Hougang Primary if you would like to learn more about integrating this into your school!

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