Dr Tan Swee Kheng

Founder I AM Kids®

Dr Tan Swee Kheng, PhD, believes in the education of the whole child – cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally and behaviorally. Aside from imparting knowledge and skills to children, she nurtures them to be well-balanced, confident, joyful and empowered individuals. She also creates environments for children to actively experience their learning while being constantly challenged through a journey of self-discovery and mindful learning.

For more than 20 years, Dr Tan has specialised in creating multi-sensory and multi-dimensional movement activities that provoke the brain into activating learning pathways and connections for growth. She has designed I AM Kids® centers in Singapore and Japan to be without physical boundaries so as to appeal to children’s sense of freedom and spontaneity to learn, grow, develop and interact with the many dimensions of life.
Dr Tan also applies her expertise and experience in improving the functional abilities and quality of life for the adult population, particularly the elderly and individuals with medical conditions such as spinal cord injuries, cancer, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
Despite retiring from practice in July 2019, appeals from several parents have led her to conduct occasional home-based ad-hoc sessions for selected children.

An accomplished sportswoman, Dr Tan’s foray into hockey started at the tender age of eight. Dr Tan was a member of the team that won the only gold medal to date for Singapore Women’s Hockey at the 1993 South East Asian Games.