Mr Azrulnizam Shah

FAS Coach of the Year Award 2019 for Women's Premier League

Azrulnizam Shah has been coaching football for the past 17 years. Having been involved in the sport since his primary school days, the transition from athlete to coach was a natural one.  His coaching journey began after being given the opportunity to return to his alma mater as a member of the alumni to assist in coaching.

Azrul complemented this passion of his by reading Sport Psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This sparked the start of a decade long professional career in the sports industry, in various capacities – ranging from sports scientist to becoming one of the youngest C-level Sports Administrators in local football, under the purview of Football Association of Singapore (FAS).

Currently the Executive Director of a local trade chamber, Azrul still finds time to coach at a competitive level, as the Head Coach of the Lion City Sailors Football Club, which competes in the Women’s Premier League. Azrul is also volunteers his time at grassroots and competitive set-ups. His most notable achievements include being awarded the POSB Everyday Champions Award in 2010 and the FAS “Coach of the Year” Award in 2019, the highest coaching accolade in local women’s football.

Azrul’s coaching philosophy is heavily influenced by his experiences under his school coaches and coaching personalities like Vince Lombardi and John Wooden. He believes firmly in the importance of creating a positive performance climate for his players, employing various techniques to foster a culture of process-oriented learning while sustaining a high level of performance.