Mr Sanjay Radakrishna

CoachSG Singapore Coach Medallion (Teacher-Coach) 2019

Physical Education teacher Sanjay Radakrishna has been teaching and coaching at Northbrooks Secondary School for five years. Driven by the passion to mould the next generation through the outdoors and sports, he believes that grit and resilience are key drivers in developing one’s character as he nurtures the youth.

Sanjay represented his school and college at Track & Field and Cross-Country championships. He also donned school colours in Football. He shared that his schooling years were peppered with inspirational teachers and coaches. Their hard work and selflessness inspired and steered him to walk the path of an educator. Modelling his role models, Sanjay voluntarily trained groups of students whom he saw potential in. Through his work as a teacher-coach, Sanjay shared his love for Track & Field. Motivated by his passion, his students roped in others and initiated a Special Interest Group, #DareToDream. The core value of the group being to have a vision and to believe in the sense of purpose.

For his dedication and exemplary passion, Sanjay was awarded the Singapore Coaching Medallion for Teacher-Coach in 2019 and the MOE Service Excellence Award (Platinum) in 2019. These accolades further fuelled him to inspire others.

As he transits to the next phase of life, Sanjay seeks joy from mountain trekking and being one with nature. He surrounds himself with positivity to add joy and happiness to those around him. Sanjay believes in the importance of gratitude and impacting the community with the efforts needed in order to create an endless cycle of positive change.