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PLAY@Bendemeer is a holistic programme that looks into the physical, cognitive and social development of all students through their participation in physical activities to develop lifelong learning and active lifestyle for every student, injecting the Joy of Learning and focus on getting students to Learn for Life. 

The PLAY@Bendemeer programme started in 2019 and it spans from the formal curriculum covered in Programme for Active Learning (PAL) and Physical Education (PE) curriculum to co-curriculum like Modular Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Run for Life Programme, unstructured play during recess and even Home-Based Learning. This programme was started to align all the individual programmes in the school to a set of common objectives to achieve the desired learning outcomes for our students at the end of their 6 years of education in Bendemeer Primary School.

Modular CCA Programme 

The Modular CCA Programme is a 6-year programme to incorporate the Joy of Learning, impart Knowledge, Skills and Values to our students in a holistic way. It also provides a platform for all students to have a wide variety of learning experiences and for the school to unearth hidden talents amongst our students for the school to develop them further through the Niche CCA Programme. 

All students go through a different module every term, spanning from Sports Enrichment to Performing Arts Enrichment to ICT Programming to Life Skills modules that are pegged to the learning abilities of the students in different levels as shown below:

Modular CCA Programme 2020

For Term 2 this year, some of the modules like the Primary 5 Inline Skating were not able to be conducted due to the Covid-19 situation. Hence, the PE teachers prepared our own Primary 5 Zumba and KPop Fitness Programme and conducted it for all Primary 5 students.

The Primary 4 ICT Programme on Video Journalism and Primary 6 Performing Arts Enrichment were also planned and conducted by our Primary 4 Aesthetics teachers to ensure the continuity of the programme for holistic development of our students, as external vendors were not allowed entry into the school.

From Term 3 onwards, eModular CCA Programme was conducted via Zoom with our external Dance, Music, Arts and Scratch Programming instructors to ensure the continuity in the provision of different learning experiences while adhering to the Safe Management Measures, as we believe that learning needs to continue under the new norm.

Modular CCA Programme

Run for Life Programme 

In line with the Ministry of Education’s emphasis to nurture lifelong learners to ‘Learn for Life’, our school started our Run for Life Programme in 2019.

We hope that students will be able to adopt a positive attitude towards running and choose running as a lifestyle choice. Through the weekly run, we hope that students will be able to acquire and maintain their health enhancing fitness and as a result, enjoy and value the benefits of living a physically active and healthy life. We also believe that the weekly run will enhance the students’ concentration in the classroom as well. These objectives are also aligned to the goals of the Physical Education curriculum.

Each level has a designated day and time in the week whereby all the students of the level will run round the parade square and the running track, or the School Hall and Indoor Sports Hall, together with their teachers and our School Principal. 

To make the Run for Life Programme more meaningful for all students and teachers, we also started a ‘Run to Tokyo’ project in 2019, to bring the Olympic torch from Olympia, Greece, to Singapore, then to Tokyo, Japan. This project aims to simulate an Olympic torch relay starting with the lighting of the Olympic torch at Olympia, Greece, then to travel all the way to Singapore, where our school, Bendemeer Primary School is, then to bring the Olympic torch from Singapore to Tokyo, Japan, for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games, covering a total distance of about 14,378km. This project has been extended till 2021 to tie in with the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

‘Run to Tokyo’ – World Map

To mark the milestones achieved for the ‘Run to Tokyo’ project, a set of 2-in-1 collar pins were given to all students when the Olympic torch reached Singapore in 2019, and the other part of the collar pin was supposedly to be given to all students in 2020 when the Olympic torch has reached Tokyo, which has now been extended to 2021 to tie in with the Tokyo Olympic Games.

We hope that all students and teachers will reap not just physical, but also emotional and psychosocial benefits and enjoyment through their participation in the Run for Life Programme to nurture them into lifelong learners.

In order to make the Run for Life Programme more challenging and to add variety to the run, we also started to include a variety of other fitness programmes like Jump Jam aerobic workouts, Tabata fitness workouts and ‘My Fitness. My Choice.’ programme, whereby students get to vote for the type of fitness activities they would like to participate in. We hope to include students’ involvement and increase the awareness of personal responsibility for the students’ own personal fitness and well-being.


Run for Life Programme

PLAY@Recess Programme 

Students’ involvement in physical activities is also encouraged through the PLAY@Recess Programme whereby students were able to loan sports equipment to play with their friends as part of the unstructured play during their daily recesses.

P articipation in Physical Activities to develop
L ifelong Learning and
A ctive Lifestyle through activities of 
Y our Choice

Through the PLAY@Recess Programme, we hope to encourage greater participation in unstructured play for our students to enjoy sustained involvement in physical activity. This programme also serves as a platform for social interaction and display of values for our students and a leadership opportunity for our PE Equipment Managers (PEMs) to lead in the management of the loan procedure for PE equipment for students’ free play during recesses.

In Term 2 in 2020, our school modified our PLAY@Recess Programme under Phase 1 by looking into the Safe Distancing and Safe Management Measures for physical activities to ensure continuity of getting our students physically active in a safe environment.

Each class is allocated a different play area whereby a set of sports equipment is provided at the respective play areas with a disinfectant spray and paper for students to do wipe–down after playing. The sports equipment provided chaptehs, skipping ropes and hula hoops were selected as they could be played individually while maintaining a safe distancing from their peers. The sports equipment were also colour-coded to reduce confusion and inter-mingling amongst different classes.

PLAY@Recess Programme – Space Allocation

Even though the sports equipment provided allowed for some students to stay physically active during their recess, however, the number of students who could use these sports equipment was limited due to safety considerations and much time and paper were wasted for the students to do their wipe-down after every use.

Our school launched the Phase 2 of our PLAY@Recess Programme under the Active Lifestyle Programme, whereby each student could choose to have either a chapteh or skipping rope for the students to use at their designated area during their recesses. As these sports equipment were given to the respective students, they no longer need to wipe down after every use. Other than using them during their recesses in schools, the students could also use them during their Home-Based Learning time to continue sustaining a physically active lifestyle.

PLAY@Recess Programme

Home-Based Learning 

The importance of maintaining an active lifestyle is also not lost during the full Home-based Learning period, whereby students are encouraged to be physically active in the comfort of their home. 

Simple Jump Jam and Tabata workouts were shared as PE HBL lessons for students to do in the comfort of their homes via the SLS platform. Students were able to send videos of their workout to the teachers for their feedback.  

Lower Primary Student doing Tabata Workout in school during Full HBL

Upper Primary Student doing Tabata Workout at home during Full HBL

Other than staying physically active during HBL, we also believed that students could also enhance their cognitive development through HBL PE lessons that focused on games concepts and through the watching of videos for students to expand on their knowledge of the game skills and concepts as well.

Future Plans 

Moving forward, we hope to refine the PLAY@Bendemeer Programme to take into consideration students’ interest and the evolving learning environment whereby Safe Management Measures and other areas of focus to be included, which is what has been done since the beginning of this programme as well.    

At Bendemeer Primary, we firmly believe that through PLAY@Bendemeer (Participation in physical activities to develop Lifelong learning and Active lifestyle for You), students will be able to be developed into Today’s Learners Tomorrow’s Leaders.

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