2.30pm - 2.50pm
Opening Address by Minister Lawrence Wong
By Minister Lawrence Wong
Minister for Education

2.50pm - 4.20pm
Keynote Panel Discussion - Activating the Head, Heart and Hand
By Mr Hanif Abdul Rahman

Panellists: Dr Tan Swee Kheng, Mr Azrulnizam Shah, Mr Sanjay Radakrishna
4.30pm - 5.15pm
Differentiating Instruction in Games-Based Approaches: Students First
By Dr Linda Griffin
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

4.30pm - 5.15pm
What are the cornerstones to an effective cohort camp?
By Dr Carmen Leong

Co-Presenter: Dr Liu Wei Cheng (Psychological Assessment and Research Branch)
4.30pm - 5.15pm
Active Assessment in PE – A Cognitive Perspective through Effective Questioning
By Mr Wong Loong Ju Jeffrey
Maris Stella High School (Pri)

Co-Presenter: Mr Pang Toh Jin & Mdm Chua Yu Han
4.30pm - 5.15pm
Assessment-Feedback-Learning Cycle: MS.DARE approach
By Mr Chen Zhenjie
Pei Hwa Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Adam Liew
4.30pm - 5.15pm
Nurturing Critical and Inventive Thinkers @ Punggol View Primary through Inquiry Based Learning in PE
By Ms Alison Teo
Punggol View Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mdm Tan Li Hwa & Mr Lim Wei Peng, Jeremy
4.30pm - 5.15pm
Flipped Classroom in PE through SLS
By Mr Muhammad Shufi Bin Salleh
Hillgrove Secondary School

4.30pm - 5.15pm
DEX2 your way through FUNdamentals
By Mr Azhar Yusof
Coach SG

Co-Presenter: Mr Bryan Ng & Ms Annabelle Ng
4.30pm - 5.15pm
Teaching Creative Dance to P4 students – Incorporating dance games and using peer-directed teaching to develop movement phrases
By Mrs Twinkle Koh
Oasis Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Mokhtar Effendi Abdul Rahim
5.25pm - 6.10pm
Bringing Inquiry-based learning into our PE lessons: A case study on P1 class through dance lessons
By Ms Karen Low Lai Fong

Co-Presenter: Mr Aaron Aloysious (Greenridge Primary School)
5.25pm - 6.10pm
Enhancing game competency via peer & self-assessment
By Mr Neo Jun Jie Jeremy
Unity Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Chai Ming Long
5.25pm - 6.10pm
Questioning-as-learning: How students learn by asking questions through a games-based approach
By Mr Lim Wei Sheng
Jing Shan Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Chan Weng Kit, Mark (PESTA)
5.25pm - 6.10pm
What Students Say About PE and Why It Matters: A Journey of Discovery of Four Teacher Leaders
By Mr Wee Boon Nee
Dazhong Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Felix Hector Gomez (Clementi Primary School)
Mr Wahab Rahman (Xingnan Primary School)
Mr Kwok Weng Meng Michael (South View Primary School)
5.25pm - 6.10pm
Supporting Students with SEN in PE Lessons
By Mr Tan Kee Jin
West View Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mdm Zakiah Bte Arip
5.25pm - 6.10pm
Developing self-directed learners through blended learning in Physical Education
By Ms Aw Kai Yueh
Serangoon Garden Secondary School

2.30pm - 2.50pm
Welcome Address by DGE
By Mr. Wong Siew Hoong
Director-General of Education

2.50pm - 3.35pm
Effective Teaching in Adapted Physical Education: What Do We Know & What Should We Do
By Dr Andy Yao
San Francisco State University, USA

2.50pm - 3.35pm
Trialling FSBB – Potential Facilitators & Barriers
By Mr Kelvin Yee Chee Chung
St Patrick’s School

Co-Presenter: Mr Tan Su-Jim Benjamin (PESTA)
2.50pm - 3.35pm
Making Thinking Visible (MTV) in PE through Whiteboarding
By Mr Muhammad Shufi Bin Salleh
Hillgrove Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Patrick Hiap Lee Ann
2.50pm - 3.35pm
The 4R Approach to Character Development through PE
By Mr Steven Su Jee Yee
Bedok View Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Ms Irdawaty Mawardi & Mrs Lena Tiu
2.50pm - 3.35pm
An ICT approach to teaching P5 Gymnastics Balances
By Ms Chang Shi Min
Pioneer Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Chew Yang Cheng John
2.50pm - 3.35pm
Student-Centric PE lesson to Increase Joy of Learning
By Mr Tang Yee Fun Francis
Outram Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Lim Teck Ming
3.45pm - 4.30pm
Implications of Nonlinear Pedagogy on teaching and learning
By Dr Chow Jiayi
National Institute of Education, Singapore

3.45pm - 4.30pm
Use of Environmental Feedback Loop in PE
By Mr Tan Tong Leng
Orchid Park Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Nirmal Vivek Menon
3.45pm - 4.30pm
The classroom, the school and beyond. How Outdoor Education can bring joy to learning, explore alternative pedagogies and assessment strategies.
By Mr Edzra Iskandar
Bedok South Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Loi Churn Mun
3.45pm - 4.30pm
Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Navigation (during a P4 OE camp)
By Mr Matthew Yap Kheng Wai
Ai Tong School

3.45pm - 4.30pm
Differentiating with the ABCs of Athletics – Playground to the Podium
By Mr Timothy D’Cruz
St Stephen’s School

3.45pm - 4.30pm
Gamifying Online Learning in PE using SLS
By Ms Yeo Swee Ching
Yishun Innova Junior College

Co-Presenter: Mr Mus Effendi & Ms Yeo Ee Kiat Agnes
3.45pm - 4.30pm
PERFECT AfL: Physical Education Reflections For Effecting Change Through Assessment for Learning
By Mr Jason Lum
Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)

Co-Presenter: Mr Jason Zhuo (PESTA)
4.40pm - 5.25pm
Inventing Games: Empowering Students’ Voice, Inspiring Innovative Minds!
By Mr Teng Tse Sheng

Co-Presenter: Mr Joseph Ang Wei Loon (Xinmin Primary School)
4.40pm - 5.25pm
Creating a Culture of Peer Feedback using TAG in Gymnastics
By Mrs Poh Siti Alfiah
Admiralty Primary School

Co-Presenter: Ms Rachel Chee Wan Lin
4.40pm - 5.25pm
Nonlinear Pedagogy: Teaching & Learning of Invasion Games
By Ms Mishon Lew Kooi Eng
Woodlands Primary School

Co-Presenter: Dr Clara Tan (PESTA)
4.40pm - 5.25pm
MythBusters! The Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) Approach to Games & Sports
By Mr Muhammad Azhari Bin Shahri
Edgefield Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Mohamad Hairil Bin Johari (PESTA)
Mr Wu Ming Che
4.40pm - 5.25pm
Achieving the Triple-A (Activities, Assessment, Achievement) in Net-Barrier Games - The Power of Learning Communities
By Mdm Nur Hana Tay
West Grove Primary School; West 3 Cluster PE Support Group

Co-Presenter: Mr Li Jian Wen (Juying Primary School)
Mr Wahab Rahman (Xingnan Primary School)
Mr Tan Choon Seng Anderson (Frontier Primary School)
4.40pm - 5.25pm
Fitplay - The Teaching and Learning of Physical Health and Fitness through Functional Movement and Exercises
By Mr Karthikesan Kumar
Yishun Innova Junior College

Co-Presenter: Mr Lee Joong Keong & Ms Stephanie Lim Boon Fang
4.40pm - 5.25pm
An Autonomy Supportive Physical Education Lesson’s Impact on Students’ Motivation and Competence
By Mr Chu Kin Cheong Damon
St. Gabriel’s Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Abdul Halim (Greendale Secondary School) &
Mr Lim Kian Guan (Tanglin Secondary School)
5.35pm - 6.20pm
Incorporating digital portfolio to support formative assessment during games unit taught using Games Concept Approach (GCA) infused Sport Education (SE) Model
By Mr Darren Tan
Yusof Ishak Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mdm Lian Chuen Pei & Mr Alvin Ho
5.35pm - 6.20pm
Successful Strategies of Teacher-Coaches In Developing Floorball In Primary and Secondary Schools
By Mr Shahizan Ahmad
Damai Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Mohamad Arizal Ahmad (Pei Hwa Secondary School)
5.35pm - 6.20pm
Making Thinking Visible (MTV) in Physical Education (PE)
By Mdm Hong Bee Yuen
Horizon Primary School

Co-Presenter: Miss Siti Nurhanis
5.35pm - 6.20pm
Objective Assessment of Students’ Use of Space in Small Sided Territorial Invasion Games
By Mr Tang Yew Seng
Dunman High School

Co-Presenter: Mr Yap Kok Hung
5.35pm - 6.20pm
Differentiated Instruction through Task Design
By Ms Mabel Yong

Co-Presenter: Mrs Morna Wee
Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)
5.35pm - 6.20pm
Google Street View, a Virtual Orienteering Experience
By Mr Wong Ming Hui
Hougang Primary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Harold Seah
5.35pm - 6.20pm
Designing Meaningful SLS Lessons for Blended Learning in PE
By Mr Phua Ngee Seng
Serangoon Garden Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Goh Ming Ming, Kelvin (PESTA)
5.35pm - 6.20pm
DI through the lens of Non-linear pedagogy
By Ms Edna Tay
Naval Base Secondary School

Co-Presenter: Mr Koh Suan Lam (River Valley High School)