2020 PSE Conference



  • How do I register for the Conference?

Interested attendees can register directly via the 2020PSE Conference website (www.2020psec.sg). Please visit the registration page for information on registration.

  • Do I need to register if I am a presenter?

Presenters (including co-presenters) will only need to register as a presenter during the registration process for the conference.

  • Can I change my choice of concurrent sessions after registration is confirmed?

This is subjected to the availability of the concurrent sessions. Please submit your request before 19 October 2020 to the Secretariat (MOE_PSE_Conference@moe.gov.sg) with email subject title: Request for change in concurrent sessions. Should your request be successful, you will receive an email notification informing you about your updated registration.

  • When does registration close?

Registration will close end September 2020.

  • How is my registration confirmed?

Upon successful registration, registrants will receive a confirmation email with your registration information. In addition, a reminder email will be sent to registrants approximately one week prior to the Conference.

  • I registered online and did not get a confirmation email. How can I check the status of my registration?

Please contact the Secretariat (MOE_PSE_Conference@moe.gov.sg) with email subject title: Status of my registration


  • If I am unable to attend, can I transfer my registration?

When an attendee cannot attend the Conference, registration may be transferred to another education officer in your school. Replacement of an attendee is subjected to at least 5 working days prior notice in writing.